Les 3 Vallées

The worlds largest ski area

An extraordinary playground beloved by snowsports fans from all around the world.
Les 3 Vallées is the world's largest ski area; let the figures do the talking

35,000 hectares

600km of pistes

3230m highest altitude

159 ski lifts

335 trails

1900m vertical drop

2,700 snow cannons

48 green runs

135 blue runs

119 red runs

33 black runs

12km longest run: La Vanoise

Spectacular Ski Area:

An uncontested and unparalleled international reputation!


It’s no coincidence that Les 3 Vallées is the n°1 destination for connoisseurs: in the world’s largest ski area, a 600-kilometre network of doorstep skiing runs delights skiers of all abilities.

Set in 35,000 hectares  you could fit the five largest ski areas in the United States into Les 3 Vallées ski area alone!

A vast high-altitude expanse combined with a huge network of ski lifts: that’s the winning formula which makes Les 3 Vallées a delight for off-piste skiing and freeriders who love venturing outside the boundary markers in search of thrills and untouched slopes on which to leave their tracks:

Guaranteed Snow!

Open from November to May so skiing and snow is absolutely guaranteed in March

All runs are located between altitudes of 1,100 metres and 3,230 metres with 85% of the ski area  above 1,800 metres and the inter-valley connections  located on mountain ridges above 2,000 metres, for optimum snow cover and ease of passage. this is the ultimate SnowSure ski Domain

And 25 summits are accessible via the ski lifts, including 10 above 2,500 metres!

Perfectly designed ski domain just as good for beginners as it is for experienced skiers.

It is possible to ski from one side of the 3 Vallées Ski domain to the other without anything more challenging than a blue run.


Les 3 Vallées’ priority is your safety, so we can guarantee you a hassle-free, worry-free stay. And the world’s largest ski area doesn’t exactly lack for resources when it comes to achieving that goal…

Velvet-soft snow grooming

Les 3 Vallées boasts exceptional quality snow grooming. A total of:

70 piste groomers cover the entire ski area,

Which equates to 160 piste groomer drivers working in shifts throughout the night,

The first team works from 5pm to midnight, then the second continues from midnight to 7am.

The ski runs are maintained every night, with the green, blue, and red runs as a priority, along with Les 3 Vallées’ connections.

The black runs aren’t systematically groomed, for the enjoyment of fresh snow and mogul fans!

Safety on the world's largest ski area

Night and day, hundreds of men and women work under cover of darkness to guarantee skier safety and ensure Les 3 Vallées’ ski area runs smoothly.

They are the ski patrollers and operations managers in charge of safety and ski runs, snowmakers, ski lift operators… you never see them, but none of this would be possible without them: exceptional snow quality, dream ski runs, an ingeniously designed fleet of ski lifts, complete ski safety!