Snow Miles Terms & Conditions


When you make an advance booking EGSW has maintained a record of how much you’ve spent since the 2016 event.

Each EGSW Customer earns 5 snow miles for each €1.00 spent within a
booking and those snow miles can be redeemed the following year.

The value of your Snow Miles will be made available to you when you make a booking or get a quote.

Snow Miles are redeemable against a event pass within a full booking
(which includes accommodation, an event pass and a lift pass) at a rate
of €1.00 for every 250 Snow Miles accumulated.

Snow Miles will be generated from the total paid for a booking and will be redeemable when making your next booking.

You MUST claim and spend your Snow Miles using the same email address
you made the previous booking with. New email addresses will not be
recognised regardless of you using the same booking name.

Snow Miles cannot be transferred to others and will only be
redeemable within the account of the user. i.e. bookings made with the
corresponding email address. If Snow Miles are not used in any given
year they are rolled over and can be used in future years.


Snow Miles are accredited to the account under the email address previously used in a booking. If you wish to change this email address you must write to us at and we will update your account info.It is the responsibility of the customer to keep any information that might identify you and allow access to your account secure. Unfortunately, EGSW cannot be held responsible if a person is able to spend Snow Miles in your account as a result of you not taking appropriate care of your account details. If you lose or accidentally reveal your account or password details, you should contact the EGSW team immediately. Please make sure that we always have your correct address to reduce security risks as far as possible.


We may, at any time, amend the conditions of the Snow Miles promotion. Although unlikely that we will, if we do, you will be given significant advance warning by email.

On occasion we may provide special, time restricted promotions linked to your Snow Mile points. These promotions will run separately and will carry their own set of terms and conditions.

Snow Miles cannot be exchanged into cash or transferred to other customer accounts.

The Snow Miles agreement runs alongside the EGSW booking agreement. Late cancellations may result in you losing your Snow Miles.