Discover the 3 Vallées Domain & meet other EGSW guests by joining our Hosted Groups

If you are a good skier (above the level of Ski School class 4) joining the Hosted Groups will give you an amazing weeks skiing across the whole of the 3 Vallées Domain.  Incredibly social, the Hosted groups are a great way for getting to know other EGSW Guests and having like minded people to ski with.

Each Group has a  European Gay Ski Week volunteer Snow Host at the helm and is accompanied by a professional guide / instructor.  

We all like to ski in different ways and our Hosted Groups are designed to reflect this, matching you with other guests who like to enjoy the mountain in the same way.  The groups are not all the same they cater for how you like to ski - very fast, fast, or more leisurely - and how you like to lunch (lunch is not included).

Our Off Piste Groups, Excursions and Lessons have a dedicated Off Piste Page

Super Fast Experts only Self Service & Gourmet
Fast Can handle any challenge in any weather. Self Service & Gourmet
Steady Prefers red and blues, but will blacks and bumps under protest. Self Service & Gourmet

Self-Service groups generally spend 15€-20€ per person per day on lunch. Gourmet groups spend on average 40€ per person per day on lunch.

Groups run for two days - Sunday & Monday then three days - Wednesday Thursday and Friday. You can join for the two days @ 50€ or for the three days @ 75€ or for all five days at 125€.

There is a maximum of 14 guests in each hosted group and all groups are subject to minimum numbers.  To balance the numbers in the groups you may be moved to another group within the category that you have booked.

Off Piste Group sizes vary but with a maximum of 8 guests and are subject to minimum numbers

Meet our hosts

Matt Ware
Skier – Steady Self Service

Matt’s friendly group ski with purpose on fast reds and cruisy blues, with the odd black to keep them on our toes (or bums!). They are serious yet sensible skiers, rarely stopping except a quick coffee or nice mountain lunch. They ski hard until apres; where they party harder.

If this group were a nightclub...


Skip Evans
Skier - Steady Self-Service

Skip’s group is a friendly, chatty bunch, who ski mostly reds and fast blues with the occasional groomed black – but they don’t like bumps! If they find a piste they like, they’ll often do it again, but faster. They sometimes stop for a quick morning coffee to warm the cockles... and lunch is relaxed, but brief, to ensure plenty of afternoon skiing before the fun of après.

If this group were a nightclub...


Andrew Pavord
Skier – Steady Gourmet

Andrew's group like scenic reds, blues and occasional blacks, which they ski beautifully. They usually stop for morning coffee, and always enjoy a long lunch at a nice restaurant. They don't ski bumps, or narrow couloirs.

If this group were a nightclub...


Peter Van Sande
Skier - Steady Gourmet

Peter's group ski the whole resort, they’ll stop for a chocolat chaud each morning and a longer lunch. Peter likes to enjoy the stunning scenery whilst skiing, as much as he enjoys raising a glass in a nice restaurant. It's the promise of a cheerful atmosphere and a delight for all senses.

If this group were a nightclub...

La Demence

Skier - Fast Self-Service

Markus’ group’s motto is: “Hit it, baby!” No matter if there are either red or black runs, some nice bumps or powder possibilities: This group won’t miss the fun parts on the mountain. So if you want to ski hard during the day and party harder at night, you should join this group

If this group were a nightclub...


Dani Clemson
Skier - Fast Self-Service

Dani’s group cover the whole resort skiing every run fast, the group are pretty fit, they don't stop much. They sometimes enjoy a short coffee break and similarly quick lunch break.

If this group were a nightclub...


Martin Ford
Skier - Fast Gourmet

Martin Ford (‘orange’ Martin)’s group seek out the more challenging pistes. They like a quick morning coffee, a decent lunch and plenty of entertaining chat on the lifts.

If this group were a nightclub...


Dennis Peeters
Skier - Fast Gourmet

Dennis's group are fit and up for (practically) anything. They ski, boogie-woogie and dance their way through the resort. Those legs have to burn at the end of the day. They stop for a quick and efficient gourmet lunch. The group are versatile and multilingual. Après ski is mandatory, wigs and costumes allowed!

If this group were a nightclub...


Haggai Koren
Skier - Super Fast Self-Service

Haggai's group skis all runs, with perfect technique in all conditions. No waiting, no coffee, no whining, no stops, unless for emergency or lunch.

If this group were a nightclub...


Arron Bart
Skier - Super Fast - On & Off Piste
In a first for 2024 we will be holding an all-week on & off piste group. We’ve tried to run this group as a purely off piste course which was cancelled twice because the off piste conditions didn’t make it viable.

For 2024 we plan to create a hybrid group which will either be an on-piste very fast group which will also ski off-piste if conditions are good enough.

Find out more about Arron's hosted group on the dedicated Off-Piste page

If this group were a nightclub...


David Hoole
Boarder - Steady Self-Service

David’s group burns the candle at both ends. They fling themselves down blues, reds and the occasional black with gay abandon. The emphasis is on fun boarding, though some may have had a little too much fun the night before.

If this group were a nightclub...


Fred CJ
Boarder - Fast Self-Service

Fred's snowboard group go hard and fast. They ride and surf as much of the mountain as possible with lunch at self-service venues. If they pass a snowboard park they hit the rails, jumps and airbags (all optional). The main aim is to make new friends and have a blast on the snow.

If this group were a nightclub...


Level of Skiing and Boarding

The Hosted Groups are for very good skiers only (above the ability of the top class (class 4) of ski school). To join you must be able to ski a black run in all conditions, you don't have to enjoy it, but you must be able to do it, if the need arises. If you are not this level of Skier or boarder we recommend you join the EGSW Ski & Snowboard school, the classes have a maximum of 9 people and once you have completed class 4 you should be at the required level to join our hosted groups.

The hosted groups are not lessons. It is a requirement that you are a capable of skiing at the level of the group you have joined. If you do not have the required level, you may be asked to leave and your joining fee will not be refundable.

Please Note
Our fabulous ski and snowboard hosts are EGSW regulars coming for a number of years, they are all volunteer hosts. It is always possible that they may have other commitments that come along, in which case either the group would be hosted by a professional guide / instructor or another host, or you would be relocated to another group and host.