Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What would you say the main selling points of EGSW are?

• EGSW is the worlds only roaming gay ski week, using the worlds most famous resorts as bases.

• Over the years our resorts have included Tignes, Alpe D’Huez, Avoriaz, Les Menuires, Les Arcs and for 2025 we will be in Val Thorens

• We have over 43 different nationalities attending each year.

• 60% of our crowd have attended the event more than once.

Can I attend the event alone?

• We have a large number of solo travellers attending each year. We structure our shared accommodation packages in order to encourage and directly cater for individuals over the week.

• We have continual feedback from solo travellers who’ve enjoyed the experience and ended up leaving with a large international network of friends.

• You can join our Facebook Group before or after booking, and converse with past guests and future guests.

Where in the world do most the guests come from?

• The main countries are guests come from are currently the UK (20%), France (20%), Belgium (10%), USA (10%), Netherlands (10%), Germany (10%).

• The remaining 20% make up a collection of 30+ other countries around the world including Russia, Brazil and other South American countries, South Africa, New Zealand, China and other Asian countries.

Do I need to get an event pass to experience EGSW?

• An Event Pass is needed to access our events and is integral to enjoying the full EGSW experience. Take a look at our programme to preview what our Event Pass opens to.

• We do not offer access to individual events.

What are Snow Miles and how do I earn them?

• Snow Miles are points awarded to EGSW customers which can be redeemed against the cost of your event pass and spent on a selection of our events.

• They are generated from the total paid on any advance purchases from EGSW and will automatically be credited to your account.

More information about Snow Miles can be found here.


What is the format of the evening events?

• Simple really, we cherry pick the best venues in our resort, privatise them and create incredible parties.

• There’s an option of at least two parties each night, sometimes three.

• The evening parties start at 10pm until 2am.

• We have a nightly Cabaret event from 9pm finishing at 11.30pm.

• The Pool Party happens on the Tuesday and runs between 9pm & 00.30.

What sort of music is played at the events?

• We select renowned events and DJs from across the world and invite them to the event. These parties are leaders in their fields and cover a wide range of music genres.

• We ensure there’s a mix of music catering for all tastes with a particular emphasis on good pop and party classics.

Are the evening events exclusively for EGSW guests?

• If there’s space we do sell tickets on the venue door but this only happens once we’re confident all event pass holders, who are likely to arrive have arrived.

• It’s worth noting that generally our evening events do reach capacity so entrance for non-pass holders cannot be guaranteed.

The Pool Party is sold out, can I get tickets somehow?

The pool party is very popular but we always have drop-outs. If there are tickets available I'd suggest purchasing them before they sell out. If there are none available the next best option is to get on the waiting list.


What are the best features of Les 3 Vallées?

• It is the biggest linked ski area in the world.

• 85% of the skiing is above 1,800m.

• It’s ‘snow sure’ Les 3 Valées guarantees opening between the beginning of December and the end of April every year.

• There is a total of 600km of pistes.

more information 3 Vallées - The Ski Area

What if I’ve never skied before?

• There is just as much, if not more fun to be had as a beginner then there is an expert.

• Our exclusive EGSW ski school is, according to continuous feedback one of the most fun experiences of the trip.

• There will always be other customers of a similar level meaning the experience will be shared and lots of fun had.

What’s going on for non-skiers?

During the day there are plenty of options:- amoungst the favourites are:-

  1. Buy a pedestrian pass and jump on a lift
  2. Ride a skidoo, bike or huskies
  3. Book a tandem flight
  4. Go snowshoeing or ski-touring
  5. Go to the sports centre and gym
  6. Visit the Pool
  7. Visit a spa for some relaxation
  8. Have long lunches on sunny terraces
  9. Learn nordic skiing - you might just like it!

• For the evenings and nights There's a fully packed event programme for you to enjoy through out the entire week. Visit our events page to find out more.

What are the hosted ski/board groups?

• Hosted groups are an EGSW activity run exclusively for our Event Pass holders.

• Depending on your level you join a group with an ‘EGSW Snow Host’ who takes you out on the mountain for the day.

• Each day your Snow Host takes you to a different restaurant for lunch where a terrace has been booked exclusively for our guests, often accompanied by other Snow Host groups.

• Hosted groups are for experienced skiers/boarders only.

My Booking

I’ve already booked but I want to add another activity, is this possible?

• You are able to login into your booking and add activities at any time.

• We offer phone support via our French and UK office during regular working hours if you need assistance.


What are the important things I need to consider when travelling to the resort?

• The easiest, cheapest and most fun way to get to Val Thorens from Geneva airport is to jump on board one of our EGSW bus transfers.

• Our transfers leave Geneva airport every hour between 12 & 6pm on the 16th March (arrival day).

• It’s recommended that you leave no less than 45-60 minutes from your flights arrival time to the departure of your coach.

• The travel time by road from Geneva to Val Thorens is approximately 3 hours.

If coming by train what should I consider?

• The ‘Ski Train’ operated by Eurostar is a fantastic way to travel to Moutiers. Check out the timetable on the Eurostar website.

• Getting to Val Thorens from Moutiers takes around 30 minutes by bus.

• Check out our travel section for more details.